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Since the pandemic in 2020, CEPR has run a number of online seminar series and webinars. Many of these continue to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions during term time, and where possible they are recorded or livestreamed.

CEPR also runs many annual conferences and symposia. Although some of these were organised online during the pandemic, most have now returned to their face-to-face format and are listed below.

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The European Summer Symposium in International Macroeconomics (ESSIM)

The European Summer Symposium for International Macroeconomics (ESSIM) is held jointly with the IMF, MG and MEF programmes. ESSIM, CEPR’s long-standing annual symposium for International Macroeconomics, brings together Europe's top macroeconomists with a few US-based scholars for an intensive and highly interactive four-day conference. There is no central theme for ESSIM rather researchers present their best, current research on macroeconomics.

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Event Series

The European Summer Symposium in Labour Economics

ESSLE is designed to bring together economists in the field from across Europe and key researchers from outside the region. It provides a unique opportunity for researchers from different universities and countries to discuss their work in a relaxed atmosphere and to develop long-term collaborative relationships. Another important aim of ESSLE is to provide young researchers with the opportunity to meet and discuss their work with senior economists.

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Event Series

The European Workshop in International Trade

ERWIT, held annually since 1988, has become the leading research forum in international trade and has played a significant role in raising the profile and quality of research in international economics in Europe and beyond.

Participants are selected to include a mix of established European researchers with international reputations, young academics at the outset of their careers, and prominent authors from North America.

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The Macroeconomics and Growth Programme Annual Meeting

The annual programme symposium, inaugurated in 2016, is one of the programme’s two regular events, covering long-run macroeconomic issues including economic growth, inequality, political economy, and structural change.