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We have entered a new era of great power rivalry, characterized by growing competition between China and the United States and a shift from a rule-based to a more power-based global order. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has further escalated international tensions in recent months. These developments have major economic implications, but rigorous research on the link between economics and geopolitics is still limited.

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy is about to launch a new “Research Initiative on Geopolitics and International Economics” and will host its inaugural conference on September 26-27, 2022 in Kiel, Germany.

The conference aims to bring together leading scholars working at the intersection of geopolitics and (international) economics. Since this field is in its infancy we are particularly encouraging the submission of new, cutting-edge papers on the topic, including work that has already been published, so as to get an overview on where we stand as a discipline.

The proposed range of research topics includes (but is not limited to):
  • Sanctions
  • International trade and geopolitics (e.g. regarding global value chains)
  • International finance and geopolitics (e.g. effects on capital flows and asset prices)
  • The (geo-)politics of global reserve currencies and safe assets
  • Geopolitical risks, firms, and the macroeconomy
  • Energy security and scarce resources
  • The cost of decoupling
  • The economics of technological sovereignty
  • The economics of war
Confirmed speakers so far include Matteo Iacoviello (Federal Reserve Board), Matteo Maggiori (Stanford and CEPR), Carmen Reinhart (World Bank, Harvard, and CEPR) and Moritz Schularick (Bonn, Sciences Po, and CEPR).

Travelling and hotel accommodation will be provided to participants according to CEPR guidelines. The organizers appreciate if you are able to use your own research funds for attendance.
How to Apply

The submission deadline is Thursday, June 30, 2022, 15:00 CEST. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by mid-July, 2022.

Authors who are CEPR affiliated or already have a CEPR profile can upload their submission by following the given steps:
1) Log in on the CEPR portal online at
2) Go to 
3) Click on "Step 1: Apply" and complete the requested information and click "Register"

Authors who are not CEPR affiliated or do not have a CEPR profile can:
1) Create an online profile here
2) Log in on the CEPR portal online at
3) Go to 
4) Click on "Step 1: Apply" and complete the requested information and click "Register"

Submissions of extended abstracts will be accepted, but clear preference will be given to completed papers. Published papers should have recently appeared or be forthcoming in leading economics journals.

Katrin Kamin (Kiel Institute)
Michael Porcellacchia (Northwestern and Kiel Institute)
Christoph Trebesch (Kiel Institute and CEPR)