CEPR collaborates with a range of partner institutions and organisations in Europe and beyond, in pursuit of its objectives.

For example, many of the large-scale collaborative research projects undertaken by CEPR require close interaction and collaboration with university departments across Europe; joint workshops, conferences, training programmes and a range of dissemination activities are organised and undertaken cooperatively. As a result of these types of project-based initiatives, CEPR has developed and maintained a significant number of ‘network-based’ activities within its wider ‘virtual’ network of academics, which involve universities across the world.

CEPR works closely with a number of public and private sector organisations, including European central banks, corporate bodies and government departments and the European Commission, in staging joint workshops, seminars and other discussion and dissemination-based activities. For example, CEPR manages the Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN), a forum linking academic researchers and researchers in central banks and other policy institutions involved in the empirical analysis of the euro area business cycle.