The fifth edition of the Salento Macro Meetings will take place in Lecce, Italy on the 25th and 26th of July 2022. The objective of this event is to bring distinguished researchers in Macroeconomics in the relaxed and fruitful atmosphere of Salento, the peninsula located in the southernmost region of Apulia, Italy. 

The conference is planned as an in-person event. Should travel restrictions bind by the time of the conference, we will allow speakers to participate on-line if needed. 

We welcome submissions of theoretical or empirical papers addressing issues including (but not limited to):
-    Consumption behaviour and the macroeconomy
-    Firm dynamics and heterogeneity
-    Monetary and/or fiscal policy in closed or open economy
-    Expectations formation and information frictions

Submissions from members of under-represented groups in the economics profession are encouraged. 

Invited speakers of this edition are:

      Oleg Itskhoki (UCLA and CEPR)
      Morten Ravn (UCL and CEPR)

      Silvana Tenreyro (Bank of England, LSE and CEPR)

The workshop organisation will be able to cover accommodation expenses for speakers and discussants. Financial support from the Chair Banque de France at the Paris School of Economics and the Fondation Banque de France is kindly acknowledged. 

Please send a pdf of your paper to: [email protected]

The deadline for submissions is April 20, 2022. 


Sushant Acharya (Bank of Canada and CEPR) 
Gaetano Gaballo (HEC Paris and CEPR) 
Carlo Galli (University Carlos III Madrid) 
Luigi Paciello (EIEF, CEPR) 
Francesco Pappadà (Paris School of Economics, Βanque de France)

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